What can be said of Roth's magnum opus? Though operational, the weight of the twin big-block Ford engines were too much for the frame and lead to repeated repairs on the show circuit. Bob Larivee acquired the car from Roth by trading back the builder's Tweedy Pie and Outlaw. The Mysterion was eventually damaged beyond repair, with its parts distributed between presently unknown car enthusiasts in the mid-West. 

The Revell model car kit company offered a version of the car during the Sixties since re-released several times since
Mysterion enthusiast Jeff Jones has underway a scratchbuilt 1/8 scale replica of the car in his shop. Check out Jeff's in-process photos and the article that he prepared. When finished, the Custom Clinic will present the completed model here! 

This promotional card, produced by Promotions, Inc. was offered in two sizes. Fresh from Roth's shop, the pearl lemon yellow paint nicely offsets the many chromed items. The back of the card had this text

"Built by Ed Roth, Maywood, California. Interior by Martinez of Los Angeles, California.
Paint by Watson of Los Angeles, California
Powered by two Ford 406 Engines

NOW BEING TOURED NATIONALLY BY "PROMOTIONS, INC. – DETROIT" Copyright. Mark S. Gustavson photo archives.

In this never seen before photo, a young Big Daddy Roth is using a hot pencil knife to trim the bubble top on the Mysterion.  Copyright, Mark S. Gustavson Photo Archives.

In a fresh coat of red oxide primer, the bare Mysterion body sits on crates at the back of Roth's shop. Copyright, Mark S. Gustavson Photo Archives

Seen in profile, the radical bodywork can be appreciated.  Copyright, Mark S. Gustavson Photo Archives

From the other side, the rake of the side scoop character line is apparent. Check out the custom quad-light hot rod grille on the hood of what appears to be a late Thirties Buick. Copyright, Mark S. Gustavson Photo Archives

This photo is taken from a large-size postcard. The two adoring women are not identified, but really distract from the car. Copyright, Mark S. Gustavson Photo Archives

Below are a series of rare photos that be believe were taken when the Mysterion debuted in California. Copyright, Mark S. Gustavson Photo Archives


Here are the references we at the Custom Clinic have found to this great car. If you know of other references, please let us know by e-mailing to:

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