As I was preparing the text for my upcoming book on model car customizing for Kalmbach Publishing (due out in June, 1999), I decided to include photos of some of the more interesting scale model car customs that I have  

Bob Barnett also constructed this replica of the famous Blue Danube Buick.  This model was GSL Best of Show, and is presently on display in the Oakland Roadster Show Diorama in the National Model Car Builders' Museum.  Check out the Museum web page! 

John Young, known for his imaginative customs, kinda went over the edge with this interesting item! 

Rick Somerlot built this so-called 1939 "Corvette" custom.  The work here is substantial, but quite substantial.  This model has won a GSL Best in Show. 

Gary Fox built this really well styled 1939 Chevy hardtop.  The pontoon fenders and the chopped top are really well done

Here's a famous custom model car!  Richard Mike Johnson built the "Pegasus" and won the top Senior award in the 1962 Revell-Pactra contest.  Model exists and is still in incredible condition.  

Master machinist Cody Grayland built this subtly customized last-generation Mazda RX-7.   Not all customs have candy paint and chopped tops. 

John Young built this interesting rendition of a 1951 Chevy.  How many major customizing techniques can you identify? 

Andy "Moose" Kallen built this custom 1951 Chevy in the early Nineties.  Roughly styled after the historic Goulart Oldsmobile, this model won the top award at the Australian Model Car Nationals a few years ago. 

Andy Martin built his really interestingly re-style 1932 Ford. Not all customs, you know, are built on a '48 and newer body style! 

Auto illustrator Jairus Watson entered this really radical 1940 Ford in an early GSL Championship.  The model sits on an integrated belly-pan space frame, with modern running gear. 

Victor Demichei built this Ranchero-styled 1989 Thunderbird.  Victor's careful design and constructed yielded a really interesting and well done model. 

Joel Dirnberger is a big factory dream car fan, and his series of Corvette fantasy station wagons show his interest.  This "Kingswood" version is fascinating.  Check out the wood! 

George Layton built this full custom 1940 Ford Tudor Sedan in 1972.  A roof from the old AMT Styline '57 T-Bird was added, as well as a full width headlight area.  Suicide-style doors are also featured. 

In the early Eighties, Bob Bost built this tasty 1967 Chevy custom hardtop.  Riviera-style headlights, and a full custom rear end produce a nice job

Mark S. Gustavson built this radical custom 1949 Mercury in 1983.  The body has been significantly changed: it was sectioned above the character line, the factory roof was replaced by a scratch built unit resembling the roof from a 1961 Ford Starliner, the hood was pancaked and rectangular headlights were added.    Horizontal taillights were added, and the entire drive train was replaced with a front wheel drive set up from a 1967 Toronado.  This model is presently on display in the National Model Car Builders' Museum. 

Andy "Moose" Kallen built this large scale '57 Chevy in the early Eighties.  The top has been chopped, the front and rear fenders and light designs were changed and other details have been added.

Dan Thomas constructed this replica of the famous Sam Barris Buick in the early Eighties.  This piece is right on. 

Dan Thomas also built this replica of the Hirohata Mercury, designed and built by Sam and George Barris and recently restored.  See the Custom Bibliography for research references.

In the early Eighties, master custom replica modeler Bob Barnett built this version of the Dream Truck.  The famous custom is now the subject of another major modeling project.  Check out the Dream Truck section of this web page for a major announcement!    Bob died in 1994. 

Bob Barnett also built this amazingly authentic replica of the Barris-built Kopper Kart.  This model was GSL Best of Show, and is presently on display in the Oakland Roadster Show Diorama in the National Model Car Builders' Museum.  Check out the Museum web page!

Diorama master Ken Hamilton has occasionally ventured into the custom arena.  This 1951 Chevy comes complete with major body work and vintage upholstery. 

Mark S. Gustavson built this highly-styled 1972 Corvette in 1980.  A 1964 Corvette roof has been fitted to the widened body.   It won Best of Show at GSL-II. 

Bruce Fowler recently constructed this neatly restyled 1949 Mercury.  Check out the top chop and the neat use of color.