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Darryl Starbird has just finished complete restoration on his famed Predicta. Disassembled down to the last nut and bolt, Darryl rebuilt the entire PREDICTA-1car: replacing some damaged panels, show detailing the chassis, making up a new bubble, and so forth. Go here for a brief article – more pics to follow!

The Predicta is Restored!

DREAM ROD-1The Car Craft Dream Rod was built by the famed customizer, Bill Cushenbery, for Car Craft magazine which carried a full feature on the finished car. Built from a wide array of parts (including several body panels from a 1960 Pontiac!), the fogged candy/pearl yellow custom was powered by a Ford 289 and was a wild hit on the custom car show circuit. A few years after it was built, it was sold to the ISCA which commissioned a substantial revision to the car's styling. Called the Tiger Shark, the car wasn't as successful as the first iteration and it disappeared after traveling the circuit for a few years. Now, Mark Moriarity has acquired the car, and is returning it to its original configuration! We present here photos sourced from Mark Moriarity, Dick "Fuzzy" Fuerholzer and Rik Hoving.  Thanks to all three of these great custom car enthusiasts!

The CC Dream Rod Returns!

ORANGE HAULERDarryl Starbird's Ultra Truck, rechristen ed the Orange Hauler when Monogram bought the car and issued a kit of it, was a high point in the full-on custom truck trend in the mid-Sixties. Based on a Chevy pickup, the car was purchased by Monogram and was shown around the United States and was eventually given away by the company when it went through its "let's get rid of our custom show car" era in the late Sixties. After a few years of displays, the Truck disappeared, and even Darryl couldn't find it. Everyone had assumed the Truck was gone forever. Until Darryl's 50th anniversary Tulsa show in January of 2007 when an unassuming fellow, Louis Lionetti, hailing from Las Vegas, approached Darryl with a photo album full of pics of the Truck as it exists today! We'll feature photos of the Truck after I grab Jim "Hollywood" Fernandez and we travel to Vegas this Fall! Go here for a photo essay of this great vehicle!

The Orange Hauler Lives!
The Lil' Coffin Returns!

The Lil' Coffin is one of the most iconic of all custom rods. Built over a number of years, and displaying different body designs, this rod has been owned by LILCOFFIN-VIDarryl Starbird for many years. He has changed it a lot – from the Monkey Ward to a tudor custom phaeton and finally to the hardtop/sedan style in more recent years. Now, Darryl has undertaken what may amount to the ultimate custom car restoration project – he's "returning" the car to its famed 1964 Lil' Coffin styling. Go here for a brief photo essay on the car.

The Mustang Pegasus Found!

In the third year of the famed Ford Custom Car Caravan, Ford was looking for cars to populate the traveling display. When Ford brass say Merle Taggart's custom Mustang, they flipped and promptly leased the car for the display. The car disappeared for years, but has been found and is being restored. Please go here for a full story first broken on Wolfgang Kohrn's great web site

The Ron Dunn Ford is Back!

OUTSIDE VIEWMaybe the best car to emerge from the famed Valley Custom shop, the Ron Dunn car went through two versions, with the second iteration the best. The car has been found in the possession of Dunn's nephew, and is now being restored! Check out the full story and lots of pictures by going here!

The Dream of Customizing

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