The Custom Clinic is undergoing a redesign and will reemerge soon with new content as well as most of the previous content.

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The Dream of Customizing

The Custom Clinic celebrates the history, style, culture and other aspects of the custom car craze. Whether enjoying a graceful chopped top, or a sectioned body, or frenched headlights and taillights, candy paint or scallops, or the work of famed customizers like Starbird, Barris, Cushenbery, Winfield, the Alexander Brothers, Bailon, or great cars like Spencer Murray’s Dream Truck, the Predicta, the Kopper Kart, the Electra, the Dream Rod or the Venturian, or the Golden Indian, the Mysterion, the Fantabula or its earlier iteration the Debutante, the Aztec or the Ala Kart or a thousand other great custom cars, the Custom Clinic will let you enjoy and come to understand the history and current events in the custom car hobby. Or you can enjoy miniature, scale custom model cars as well as the famed Model Cars Magazine Custom Clinic Photo contest! In whatever scale, we’re here to satisfy your deepest longing for everything to do with custom cars!



Enter the hallowed, candy-painted halls of the Custom Clinic while our hard-working staff digs through the ever-increasing archives of vintage photographs and associated memorabilia. We hope you enjoy what we offer here.

Long live custom cars!

Mark S. Gustavson